pregnant-BODThink you might be pregnant? Didn’t plan on it?

We can give you information that will help you make an informed decision about what to do.  Call us or come in for a visit.  All contact is confidential.

NO ONE has the right to pressure you into having an abortion.

Are you having some symptoms such as a missed period, frequent urination, tiredness, and mood swings? Come see us for a free and confidential pregnancy test with immediate results. If you are pregnant, we can help with getting you prepared. See the “choices” page.

Did you know…

• That on day 1 of conception, the baby’s features are determined?

• That 6 weeks from conception, the baby starts to move?

• That 10 weeks from conception, fingernails and toenails start to form?

• That 21 weeks from conception, the baby has fingerprints?


Information on this page is not meant to be used as a diagnosis nor is it to be used as complete medical information.

(Fetal development information taken from “Before You Decide” 2011 Care-Net)